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Let me keep this real short, wastenvironment.com is a part of a journey that is aimed solely at building awareness, sharing knowledge and updates and information relating to waste, water and other environment issues to help create a sense of responsibility and ownership towards environment in the minds of people.

This started off from my school days in Hyderabad, when I happened to visit my grandad during the summers. The plot of land neighbouring ours was an empty one without any construction. As the plot was empty and deserted, it fast began to become a ground for defecation and waste dumping.
Owing to the stench, flies and filth spewn around, we often took time off to clean the plot and tell the neighbours about how this condition could lead to ill health and net degradation in the environment in the colony.

My grandpa was a farmer and believed that composting of kitchen waste was the best way to tackle wet waste thrown into waste dumps. He never missed an opportunity to tell people dropping waste into the adjacent land on how they could use the kitchen waste to their benefit.

Slowly, yet steadily, I realised that when provided with facts and a business sense behind waste management, the number of people turning up to discard waste decreased multifold. This was the power of creating awareness and knowledge and informing people of some things that could help make their life better.

It has been 14 years since, I through www.wastenvironment.com wish to spread the word, some awareness, probable techno updates on environment and waste related issues that we might encounter in our day to day lives.

I hope you follow along with me on my journey to spread this information. The posts would contain interesting news updates, videos, products or services from the environment domain. Together we can be a part of this journey and share whatever little we can contribute. You can sign up for updates on posts from our website.

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