7 E-waste Recycling companies in India to watch as E-cycling movement starts off

E-waste management India

With the second largest mobile market and an ever evolving IT space, E-waste recycling companies in India are evolving to help clear the electronic trash. According to a study by Assocham, India’s e-waste generation would reach 30 lakh Metric tonne by 2018 from the present 18.5 lakhs MT.

The current generation trend city wise looks something like this:

E-waste generation in India

The sour reality is that merely 1.5% of the generated e-waste is recycled owing to poor infrastructure. Majority of the waste is still handled by the unorganized sector and scrap dealers.

Considering this situation Government of India has mandated recycling of e-waste through authorized recyclers. The E-waste Rules 2016 was notified by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change in August 2016. Well, who does these rules effect? Let us have a look:

If you are an E-waste producer:

Who is a Producer?

Producer refers to any entity who irrespective of the selling technique used such as dealer, retailer, e-retailer, etc.

  • Manufacturers and offers to sell electrical and electronic equipment and their components or consumables or parts or spares under its own brand;
  • Offers to sell under its brand, assembled electrical and electronic equipment and their components or parts or spares produced by other manufacturers
  • Offers to sell imported E&E equipment and components

Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR)

  1. All producers of electronic and electrical equipment as mentioned in the schedule 1 of the rules shall obtain an authorization from CPCB within 90 days of enforcement of the rules.
  2. Submit a extended producers responsibility plan along with the authorization and adhere to the conditions mentioned under the EPR clause.
  3. Maintain records as a part of form 2 and file annual returns using form 3.

If you are an E-waste consumer: Who is a consumer?

Any person who makes use of electrical or electronic equipment is referred to as an E-waste consumer. They can be further diversified as bulk consumers. Bulk consumers are users of electrical or electronic equipment such as central government or state government institutions such as banks, international agencies and public and private companies registered under the Factories Act 1948 & companies Act 2013 and health care facilities.

Responsibility of a bulk consumer

  1. Consumers and bulk consumers of e-waste should ensure that e-waste generated through the use of electronic and electrical equipment are channelized through authorized recyclers.
  2. Bulk consumers would ensure that records of e-waste are maintained at site and is kept available for scrutiny by people from the pollution control boards.
  3. Bulk consumers should ensure submission of annual returns using Form 3.

As the waste management situation in India strives to improve, government is seriously monitoring the statistics and disposal trends. In order to help, we have prepared a list of E-waste management companies in India. These are some e-waste recycling companies in India that assist its clients to manage their E-waste portfolio in an environmentally friendly manner:

  1. E-Parisaraa

Started operations in 2005, E-Parisaraa Pvt. Ltd is the first government authorized electronic waste recycler. With its head office in Bengaluru, E-Parisaraa has been helping its clients handle their E-waste

  1. Attero Recycling

Started in the year 2008, Attero offers end to end e-waste recycling and metal extraction. With their experience Attero has been working to integrate informal recycling sector and establish an effective electronics take back program.

  1. E-wardd

Since 2008, E-wardd is based out of Bengaluru. E-wardd offers E-waste recycling services by ensuring zero waste to the landfill.

  1. SIMS recycling Solutions

By partnering with businesses generating E-waste globally, SIMS offers environmentally responsible solutions that ensures 100% data destruction. They offer services to North America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia.

  1. Earth Sense

Earth Sense offers comprehensive E-waste management services on a National level. Authorized by the CPCB, for collection, transportation, Dismantling, Segregation and Disposal, Earth Sense centers its services around conserving natural resources, providing intellectual property protection and 100% recycling of E-waste.

  1. Karma Recycling –

Founded in 2013, Karma Recycling is a leading trade-in operator and redistributor of mobile devices in India. Karma services and solutions help consumers recyclers and OEMs manage trade-in, recycle and reuse programs

  1. Olopie

Olopie is a enterprise based on recycling and authorized E-waste recyclers. Based out of Bengaluru, Olopie provides structured recycling services across industries.

Please do write to us if you feel any more E-waste recycling companies in India have been left out and could be added to the above mentioned list.


  • Nidhi Ladha says:

    Only 2.5% of the e waste generated is currently handled properly. What is the source of this information and how current. It would appear dismal that 9.75% is not properly handled. Where is that waste going.
    Also, in your study, have you accounted for buy back? Waste recovery is the way to go, and only if recovery is not possible should you go for recycling.

    • wastenvironment says:

      Thank you writing in..The study referred to is an Assocham – Ckinetics study which is available on their portal. The study further mentions that over 95% (which is the majority) of the e-waste is managed by the urorganized sector which is certainly alarming.

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